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   In the Team building at Mystery Rooms Escape article we describe the benefits a team building gets, after playing our games. Here we answer the following question:

                                                      Why are high quality escape room games considered the best team building activity?

   There are many kinds of activities that companies can choose from for a teambuilding. Going to a restaurant, bowling, laser tag, obstacle racing, stand-up comedy, inspirational and motivational group exercises, improv, and the list goes on. And all these activities have one thing in common: none can really match the best teambuilding activity in the world - high quality Escape Room games!

   It can be said that a vast experience in corporations in positions of execution as a start and then of management of almost all hierarchical levels exposes you to various horrors and attempts of organizing teambuilding activities that in theory are supposed to knock you off your feet (in a positive way ...). Every now and then, various teams are dragged to different (but mandatory!) fashionable activities, with the potential to change the corporate world, which the head of management has read about in a magazine or on a site, on Facebook, or heard of at a course. All these activities are divided into two categories:

   • Really fun activities (skydiving, paintball, ATV out-goings, etc.) which are marvellous for the spirit, but have zero content of teambuilding (= building, team development)

   • "Blank", "dry" activities (involving the gathering in a room where teams listen to motivational speeches, play childish games and enjoy food or cigarette breaks, which are eagerly awaited) that are supposed to improve performance but realistically speaking they are roughly just as entertaining and good for their spirit as a dental surgery. Any improvement due to these activities is at best for a limited time, and at worse, which is the most usual case, non-existent.

   Sounds familiar? Can it be too radical 😊? Can it be true in most cases?
   Okay, well, there may be a great deal of truth in all this, but what's with the Escape Room, that it is so fantastic? Well ... thank you for asking. It can be such a long response, full of scientific analysis, about the behaviour of people in practical situations as well as synapses and the way logical thinking works! But such a response would be too complicated. Instead, here is the simple answer to the question: " Why are high quality escape room games considered the world’s best team building activity? "

   In a well organised escape room game the group of players does 2 things:

  • They use their intelligence, their other skills and the abilities of each member of the team intensively to achieve a common goal that is not easy at all, within a limited period of time.
  • They enjoy a good deal of fun.

   That’s it.

   We see it again and again: the management brings us a team or more, almost "pushed from behind and forced with screams and threats" to participate in a team building instead of going to grab a beer. The group gives in and resigns to the idea that they are about to participate in another "motivational" corporate experience which they can’t wait to be over with ... and then the game catches them, brings them closer together, dabbles with their curiosity... and then that first "Aaaa-WOW!" follows as they unravel a mystery, learn a code, open a secret lock, to sum it up, they solve a mental challenge together as a team! The group is won over by the game. They become a true team. They make full use of their minds, work together and have fun.

   And they usually reach out to us after the game to tell us 2 things:

  1. The Mystery Rooms experience has built new relationships in the group, helped them discover themselves and their colleagues maybe more than months or years of office work, created new connections, some quite strong.
  2. They want to come back.

   That is why escape room games are the world’s best Team building activities!

Testimonials Mystery Rooms Escape

Mike L

You have a wonderful Garden!


You are really one of the top businesses worldwide. I’ve played escape room games in many cities, Budapest, Lisboa, London, Berlin, Barcelona and many more. I’ve traveled to Bucharest and did a search, wow, more than 700 reviews, 4.8 out of 5, and I know only 1 out of 100 customers leave a review, and many times those who leave a review do it because they are disappointed... Did the math...Didn’t buy it, but visited you anyway. What can I say? You are for real. Great things you’ve made there Andrew. You are a really smart guy. Awesome


I've enjoyed Secret and Heist in the same day


Really nice Garden, from another world


I've played Secret and spent some time in your Garden. It is very nice, you should do it in English, please!

Group of happy escapees

Enygma, Conspiracy, BlueCave and Journey are really treasures :). I've played them on different days, with the same cheerful group, in that order you've recommended, and not only that it was the perfect combination of fun, challenge, surprise, it was really WOW. Thank you!

Corina U

Everything was perfect! Truly a successful team building, thank you!


I will write this in English, for me to be able to best express myself. Journey is one of the best escape games I've played in the last couple of years, in different countries. I understand that it was recently upgraded, I didn't play it before that, but now it's a masterpiece of logic, with a great design and a wonderful way in which all the pieces come together throughout the game. I've heard from you that most players loved it, but some hated it, as there are some teams that were frustrated because they found it very hard to solve the puzzles, although you've stated to me also BEFORE the game that it is the most difficult room. If I were you, I would test them before the game, and not allow them to play Journey if they are stu***. Please don't translate that :)


Blue Cave or Mystic or what it's called ...UAU! I've never seen anything like it...


I'm not used to reviewing, but ... I did not think there was anything to get us out of laziness and apathy in our corporate teambuilding for two days. Somehow pushed from the back, we had to take part in another activity instead of drinking a beer ... Cautious and program-bound, 50 people walked out of the conference room asking ourselves when we could enjoy some free time during the two days of so-called teambuilding. We dragged our feet to the spot, we split our teams and ... DELETE! I do not know when it's been 2 hours! My friend or dear sir, I do not know what state you've been when you managed to compose the scenarios, but down the hat! We talked about it all day, all night, and I foresee x weeks after, and so on...


ENIGMA is by far THE GREATEST escape room in Bucuresti !!! :)


I came with my teams in teambuilding to the escape room Bucharest and it was far beyond expectations! Every mystery has a story, encourages logic and team communication, everyone told me they felt great.


Conspiracy is super cool! I think I have never laughed like this :) :) we had great fun, RECOMMENDED!

Room Escape Addict

A step away from Cismigiu and its shady alleys with charm, a mysterious house awaits you with a wonderful interior architecture where you will find a warm, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. 5 games, 5 captivating and original stories lure you, each one will challenge you in its own way with original and exciting mysteries and mysteries! You can play at the same time up to 35 friends or colleagues and each room has the option of playing with clues, no clues or collaboration. Escape Room Bucharest has challenging games that create addiction!

Bogdan R

Complex. Fun. Exciting. It's a way of getting rid of an hour of daily worries and entering a world of adventure. Enygma has created a state of good mood and energy. At the same time, the staff made me feel at home. Congratulations!

Madalina P

Super! Challenging, great for team building and teamwork, you're constantly plugged in. Games with a smart track, very well thought out.

Cosmin I

Very interesting, a very creative version for a night with friends at the Escape Room Bucharest! Many mysteries to unleash, very challenging, very interesting games, very addictive!

Ana B.

I want to go back to Mystery Rooms Escape Bucharest because I felt great!

Marian P

You experience strong emotions, time flies, you really feel like a hero in the story. Mystery Rooms Escape Bucharest is an experience with a special charm, a real escape from the daily life, it needs to be tried and then repeated!


Mystery Rooms Escape Bucharest - a new and fun experience, worth it!

George B - Fan escape games

Congratulations and thanks! Something special…